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Kim of Diamonds – “Heart Go”

By January 18, 2020No Comments

We’re a bit behind the curve with this cut, but having peeps who travel the world mean we’re made privy to a range of brilliant talent from across the globe, especially the African continent where many of our counterparts have frequented in 2019 (dubbed the “Year of Return” in Ghana, no less).

This one comes compliments of Malawian singer/songwriter, KIM of Diamonds.

“Heart Go” is an infectious blend of Afrobeats, R&B and pop; seeing the songbird take centre stage for a joyful expression of how a love makes her feel. Accompanied by a retro, Ubwino Phikira, directed visual; shot on the streets of Malawi giving a true dose of day-to-day life on the continent.

Three albums deep, it’s easy to see why she’s fast become one of the most popular singers in the country, with a plan to take her talents global.

2020 will see her continue to release new music and visuals as she grows her brand both locally and internationally. Those aspirations are well underway and with a record of working on various music/community projects with Plan Malawi, UNICEF, Timveni Child and Youth Media and a brand ambassadorship with Castel’s Booster Cider; she’s definitely on our radar for things to come.

Check out the visuals to “Heart Go” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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