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Electronic Soul artist DemiMa introduces ALT. FRQNC

By October 31, 2019November 8th, 2019No Comments

This week has seen some great additions to the landscape of new soul-oriented music, and the #MoreMusicLessNoise lot have been vibing out to one in particular. Not so much a stranger by virtue of mutual collaborators, electronic soul artist, DemiMa, recently dropped her new project, ALT. FRQNC (Alternative Frequency).

Described as a sensual sonic journey through her world of fresh fruits, flowers and dope beats the 7 track effort is an expression of DemiMa’s Anglo-Zulu heritage as told by the South Londoner.

An unorthodox soundscape sees a combination of intricate rhythmic 808s and synth-heavy productions provided by fellow #MoreMusicLessNoise contributor DemDrums. The backdrops are only enhanced with DemiMa’s contribution of distinctive tones clean hooks and emphasis on provocatively conscious lyricism.

Leading the way for the rollout DemiMa released single IN MIND”  accompanied with a smoothly cascading visual, complements of KJFH and Director44. The simple yet hypnotising imagery have lent themselves well to an instagram campaign that’s caught the attention of many of the scenes familiar and whetting the appetite of prospective listeners for the accompanying project.

Take a gander at the visuals below and make sure you’re up on DemiMa’s dreamy and alluring ALT. FRQNC via Spotify.


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