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Emerging R&B songstress Bellah drops Last Train Home EP

By September 27, 2019No Comments

We came across budding R&B songstress, Bellah, earlier this year following the release of her previous Big J produced single Never Loved“. The contemporary R&B cut instantly stood out as one of the most authentic efforts out of a blossoming scene and planting the seed in our thoughts that this undeniable talent could become one of the scene’s break out stars.

Already picking up plaudits from the likes of Stormzy and Ms Banks, Bellah has been building up great momentum in the run up to her recently released EP “Last Train Home“.  Following it’s release we can attest that things are only set to snowball further for the East London/Essex native. A 7 track effort which include a trio of her already well received singles “Peanut Butter Hazel“, “Never Loved“, and “Drip“, which incidentally have seen pick up by 1xtra and Radio 1 via Ricky & Melvin  along with Huw Stevens.

As you delve into the new project you’ll realise why this isn’t any surprise. Her superb vocals and penmanship slipping effortlessly alongside some of the more celebrated US imports. Names like Kehlahni and Jhene Aiko feel like easily comparisons to make but undoubtedly Bellah’s should be one of those names we’re eager to boast as a product of our shores.

Check out “Last Train Home” via Spotify, and drop us a line below if you’re feeling the vibes. We’ll endeavour to keep you in the loop as things begin to flourish with this one.


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