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Bianca Rose Cruises “Home” with New Single

By September 6, 2019No Comments

It seems like British/Nigerian/Jamaican Alternative RnB artist, Bianca Rose, has hit form as she releases “Home” a track many are calling her strongest effort yet.

Following on from the success of her earlier single, ‘Run and Hide’ (Jake Isaac), which markedly saw a shift in direction for Bianca, the pulsating vibe of Home”, with it’s heavy beat, eerily cutting organ alongside Bianca’s soulful vocals really struck a chord with us here at #MoreMusicLessNoise.

Co-written and produced by Kat Deal (Fleur East/Henry Hacking/Effs) the chain-gang vibes give the track a driving beat with an infectious and anthemic hook that’s hard not to sing along to.

Known for her story-telling style of song-writing, Rose explains the inspiration behind the song:

Bianca Rose

“I love being at home. As an introvert it’s my safe place. It’s the place where I’m my best self, and my most creative. I wanted to write a song for the homebodies and introverts. A song for those people who know the best kept secret: that the party starts when you get home and close the door behind you. It’s not a sad song, it’s an anthem. Introverts need songs they can party to…alone!”

Home is not always a physical place or location, it can be a state of mind or a state of being – the place where one can relax and truly be themselves. The track encourages us all to seek and appreciate that place of comfort and safety reminding us that there really is no place quite like home sweet home.

We’re already sold on this one, but with a Malky Currie animated visual to coincide, we’re sure you will be too. Have a gander below, and make sure you head over to Spotify to get to streaming “Home” on your way back from the office this evening.


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