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Dezert Eagle – “Weed & Hennessy”

By August 28, 2019September 5th, 2019No Comments

If you’ve been on the underground Hip Hop circuit over the course of the last few years, the name Dezert Eagle would have come up a fair few times, and for good reason. “Weed & Hennessy is the South London native’s second official single release, and the song offers a flawless combination of his gritty style, lyrical genius and groundbreaking production.

It loudly proclaims themes of enjoyment, good vibes and carries a real feel good energy. An infectious energy that will soon have everyone singing along to the catchy hook.The smooth blend of rhythms, melodies and baselines, will automatically make
your head nod and shoulders bounce.

Produced by long term collaborator E.Hill the song was inspired by the summer time, days spent surrounded by good people and
high vibrations, and fresh off the back of some glorious weather this past Bank Holiday Weekend, it’s most definitely a welcome number over here at #MoreMusicLessNoise.

The marriage between Dezerts’ vocals and E.Hills’ production is second to none on this uplifting piece.

Have a gander below, and give us the low down in the comments. Oh and lest we forget this is available to stream via Spotify and all other good platforms.



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