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Che Lingo – “Same Energy”

By January 16, 2018No Comments

South London (Wandsworth) native, Che Lingo is considerably one of our favourite new age Hip Hop artists. We have to qualify that with the admission that there are a range of artists that we have a particular affinity with just by virtue of them being rooted in soundscapes that mirror Soul offerings of old, but it has to be said that Che’s contributions are markedly…well, different!

He’s already made great waves at home and across the ocean with, Black Girl Magic a powerful uplifting ode to our sisters, mothers & friends and coupled that with the follow up single Metal & Rockswhich doubles as a rallying call to the downtrodden men or those with misplaced energy and value of themselves. He’s weaved in powerful anecdotes under his “TRIP (The Risk is proof)” banner (coincidently the title of his first EP) and that’s one of the main reasons he’s come to our attention.

New single, Same Energy, is an almighty anthem which sees Che proverbially flipping the bird to the industry types who’ve willingly slept on his previous efforts and any naysayer he’s met along the way. Rhyming candidly over a powerhouse instrumental, we can see this going down a treat at his first headline show at Shoreditch’s Old Blue Last on March 7th.

Have a listen to the latest cut and grab some tickets to the show here


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