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Joshua Luke Smith – “Carry Me”

By May 13, 2016August 15th, 2017No Comments

You know us right? Always ones to pick out names who may be a bit unfamiliar but basking in talent. So here’s a name we’ve recently come across on our travels, Joshua Luke Smith.

It’s likely that you should have heard of him yourselves…he’s got form. A self-produced debut EP landing in the top 10 of the UK and international iTunes charts which led the young poet and record label founder ( to receive BBC 6 Music Radio play as well as features with BBC 1xtra and the London Roundhouse.

His latest single, “Carry Me”, is what’s brought him to our attention. 

“It’s a song about ‘Coming Home'”. Joshua explains, “Along my own journey I’ve defined home as living as the person you were born to be, free from the pressures of other perceptions and your own self-depreciation. ‘Home’ is an identity without illusion, without the confusion of trying to be someone we are not. We all get distracted, disappointed and at times disillusioned with who we are and where we’re at but there’s hope in knowing you can change direction, there’s hope in knowing you can always return home” 

With his sophomore EP, “Your Beauty” recently released, accompanied by a string of live shows including the BBC 6 Fringe Festival and support for JP Cooper, Joshua Luke Smith is fast becoming an inspired voice for his generation.
Make sure you catch the single via iTunes and vibe to the Of Dust and Stars directed visual below.
[xt_video type=”youtube” clip_id=”AiZX3qpfL7Q”]

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