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Grand Wa Zoo – “One Time”

By December 9, 2014July 13th, 2017No Comments

Here’s a promising new group who by all estimations attempt to channel the head nodding Hip-Hop tones of the Golden Era. Peep the latest offering from UK rap trio, Grand Wa Zoo, made up of members  Jay, Ryo and Lili. We dig the vibe and can definitely see the direction. Hands up, they’ve got some work to do before their hitting quite the same levels as the names their touted alongside (Little Simz, Hawk House), but there’s definitely a spark of nostalgia that comes with their synergy and we’re eager to see what that develops into.

Check out their latest video “One Time”  below:

[xt_video type=”youtube” clip_id=”UNvU4VhTP9M”]

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