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Hawk House (@HawkHouse) – “A Handshake To The Brain” EP [Stream]

By June 23, 2014No Comments

The soulful production backdrop and cerebral rhyming schemes of rappers has always played with my emotions when it comes to Hip-Hop. That’s my “type” of music…a large dollop of “Soul” mixed with something that challenges my mental and I fall head over heels with music over and over again. A group that has me chasing after their tracks with serious intent is Hawk House. After signing with Virgin/EMI and with the South London compatriots’ current release “A Handshake to the Brain” currently sitting at #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart I’m encouraged by the real prospect of my “type” of music being commercially viable. (You can tell I’ve had the whole “There’s no market for conscious Hip-Hop” conversation one too many times can’t you? lol)

Check out Emmanuel, Samuel & Demae’s project in full via the stream below, and buy it via iTunes to keep this renaissance feeling alive.


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